Wedding caterer

Your big day is coming soon, it is time hire a caterer. If you are about to share this special occasion with your guests in Granby and its surroundings, GOURMAND AND GOURMET is the wedding caterer to hire.

A wedding gives the opportunity to share a warm meal surrounded by your family and closest friends. We promise to please the taste buds of each of them.

Traiteur mariage Bromont
Traiteur mariage Granby

Beautiful newlyweds and.. dishes

Many couples plan a nice table and delicious dishes to delight their guests
during their wedding reception. For this, they hire the services of a caterer.
This is what GOURMAND AND GOURMET is offering since recently. A
newcomer on the culinary scene in Granby, our duo proposes customizable theme menus.

A marriage under the sign of gastronomy

Lovers of the gourmet cuisine, we contribute to awaken the taste senses of your guests. More than a gift, cooking is a passion for our team. We put our heart and soul to prepare gourmet dishes to seduce the ones who take part in your happiness on the occasion of your wedding. Hence, we wish to add that touch of poetry and romance that will make your happy day a really unique and special one.

« Every wedding is an opportunity for us to live our passion for cooking »

Entrusting the catering service to GOURMAND AND GOURMET for your wedding will guarantee to your guests:

  • Succulents dishes
  • Dishes prepared with fresh ingredients
  • Elegantly presented dishes

Looking for a caterer for your wedding?